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Where do I get my fork/shock serviced?

For general, non-warranty service you can contact one of the following service centers:


United States:
Dirt Labs: 720-213-4742 (CO)
Garage Works: 760-966-1048 (CA)
Hippie Tech: 208-724-8949 (ID)
Shockspital: 888-871-2711


S4 Suspension (Warranty and Service):
Phone: 514-512-8356


Also, your local shop can handle most repairs themselves or through one of our distribution and service centers.

What size mounting hardware do I need for my bike?

Mounting hardware is unique to your frame. Contact the bicycle manufacturer and they will provide the necessary dimensions.

Do you have elastomers for my fork?

We no longer stock elastomers but here are two web sites that do: and

Where can I find a service manual for my fork/shock?

Click “Product Manuals” and “Service Guides” at the top of this page.

Warranty Procedure

Any Hayes Bike Group (HBG) product found by the factory to be defective in materials and/or workmanship within one year (two years in European Union countries) from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced at the option of the manufacturer, free of charge, when received at the factory or authorized distributor locations with proof of purchase, freight prepaid. Any other warranty claims not included in this statement are void. This includes assembly costs (for instance by the dealer), which shall not be covered by HBG. This warranty does not cover breakage, bending, or damage that may result from crashes or falls.

This warranty does not cover any defects or damage caused by alterations or modification of new HBG products or parts or by normal wear, accidents, improper maintenance, damages caused by the use of parts of different Manufacturers, improper use or abuse of the product, or failure to follow instructions contained in the applicable instruction manual. Any modifications made by the user will render the warranty null and void. The cost of normal maintenance or replacement of service items, which are not defective, shall be paid for by the original purchaser. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, and any implied are limited in duration to the same duration as the expressed warranty herein. HBG shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Customers in countries other than USA should contact their dealer or local HBG Distributor.